We enrich peoples’ lives by providing opportunities to explore, connect, and be inspired.


Lives are enriched and dreams are realized.

Service Philosophy

Exceptional service is our passion

  • We are caring and friendly.
  • We listen to the needs and interests of each individual.
  • We develop our services with deliberate and thoughtful care.
  • We welcome our community and are committed to making everyone’s library experience enjoyable.

Strategic Plan 2019-2022 Initiatives

Empowering: We empower people to fulfill their potential and cultivate their interests.

Key Initiatives

  1. We care about people and cultivate relationships to connect around individual interest and their information, education, and entertainment needs. 
  2. We offer interest-driven programs that spark enjoyment, participation, learning, and creativity. 
  3. We curate dynamic collections that are exciting, responsive, and inclusive.
  4. We provide opportunities for our residents to discover, learn about, and use technology.
  5. We use innovative ways to reach and inform our community about all we have to offer and to share our stories of impact.

Welcoming: We are a welcoming place for all and a preferred destination. 

Key Initiatives

  1. Our commitment to exceptional experiences for everyone guides the development of our services and assures outstanding hospitality. 
  2. We continuously learn about our community's needs and interests to ensure we are inclusive.
  3. Our physical and virtual spaces are welcoming, engaging, useful, and easy to use.

Connecting: We are a vital partner in a strong community and a catalyst for bringing people together.

Key Initiatives

  1. We increase opportunities for people to connect and engage with each other.
  2. We develop and nurture partnerships that benefit our community.
  3. We grow our reputation as a valued community resource and partner.