Thank you to the following people for sharing their stories! 

How has the Indian Prairie Public Library affected your life? What does the library mean to you? How have we helped you? What have you learned at the library?

If you have a story to tell, please share it with us. We’ll be using your stories to celebrate our community, inspire others, encourage connections and, of course, to promote the library.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?


Kristina Dickens, Darien

My husband and I were at the library to check out some movies and music for the weekend. We observed the ladies behind the desk be very kind, soft spoken, and gentle with a patron who has developmental disabilities. The patron's name is Kirk. My husband is a Chaplain and I am a paraprofessional who works with teenagers who have developmental disabilities at a nearby high school. Kirk had over due fees that made him unable to check out any further materials. My husband and I left the library only to return to pay half of his fines while the library agreed to pay the other half of his fines. Not knowing if Kirk was able to understand what we all did, we knew it was the right thing to do for the time being. You see, he was so upset at the counter and did not understand why he could not check out anymore materials when he tried to hand over a one dollar bill for fines that totaled $40.00. It was something small that we could do for a parent who just needed a break and to know that people do care about her son, and do see that her son is like all the rest of us. I hope that she was able to take a deep breath and know that God is all around us. God bless Kirk, his mom, and his family.  

Chitra Thakrar, Willowbrook

I just love this library. It was where I brought my little girls as toddlers to play with puzzles and check out read-aloud books, videos, and computer games. It’s where we came to spend a quiet afternoon reading books and magazines or to play games on the computers or attend movie nights. It’s where they went to bring home stacks of books for the summer reading programs and excitedly collect the prizes at the end of summer. It’s where they went to work as teenage volunteers, helping with the summer reading programs for the next generation of little kids. It’s always been where I go to find that perfect book to relax and enjoy and to find a variety of books for my book club. The Indian Prairie library has always been an inviting, friendly, beautiful place to go to for people of all ages. It has grown its services as my family has grown, and added wonderful new programs and a user-friendly web portal that makes finding and reserving books such a breeze. This library has enhanced my life and the lives of my children. I look forward to continuing to use this library and its programs for years to come!

Hugh Glenn, Willowbrook

My wife Barbara worked for 10 years at Indian Prairie and its predecessor libraries before retiring in 1997. I enjoyed telling her that they needed three people to replace her when she left (now there are only two). In late 1996, I was hit by a truck while riding my bicycle to work and needed help dealing with insurance companies for compensation. Barbara suggested I contact the reference desk at the library to get information about speed, skid marks, etc., involved in auto accidents. I was amazed at all of the assistance and information I received by the very helpful and friendly staff (Debbie, Joe, and Shirley in particular come to mind). I decided then that IPPL was a place where I would like to volunteer or work once I retired from my full-time job. In 1997, Barbara and I began volunteering, her in administration, and I in Adult Services. Barbara continued to volunteer until she died in 2002, but I became part of the staff as a Periodicals Assistant in late 1997. The library has changed a great deal since then with Periodicals Assistants evolving into Technology Services Associates. This gradual change has allowed me to grow with the information age and learn a great deal about Internet and computer skills so I can assist library members and guests. It has been an interesting and helpful journey for me from 1997 when I knew a little about WordPerfect for document creation but not much more about information processing or online navigation. Now it’s time for me to cut back on the time I work at the library, but I know I will continue to use its resources and interact with its cheerful, helpful staff.

Yulia Poluektova, Clarendon Hills

My friend passed away,,, I would like prepare some memory for special 9th day memorial dinner for my family and her husband. I am happy that I could convert my very old slades in modern type. Thanks to my library!  

Carolyn Sparks, Willowbrook

The library was a huge help when I was homeschooling my children. They're in graduate school now, but we all enjoyed our weekly trips to the library. 

Linda Duke, Willowbrook

I am a first-time-mom and felt rather isolated in the first year (last year). Family live far, I don't have many friends in the area, and I was still trying to adjust to staying at home instead of working full time. However, IPPL gave me a safe, consistent, friendly, and educational place to go every week! The kids programs and family zone have been wonderful opportunities for baby and me to get out. Miss Jane has even been able to watch my daughter grow up, as we've been regular attenders of Baby Brilliance. I can't thank IPPL enough for its resources and presence. Thank you, Indian Prairie Public Library!  

Diane Nelson, Darien

Tyler brought Robotic Legos and taught Scratch coding to my second grade coding club at Mark DeLay Elementary School. IPPL brought author Nancy Cavanaugh to Eisenhower Junior High to talk about her book, This Journal Belongs to Ratchet