Churches and schools formed the heart of pioneer communities. As early as 1843, the farm families of Lyons Township built a log cabin schoolhouse (near Lyonsville Congregational Church) to educate children from the areas now known as Indian Head Park, La Grange Highlands and Pleasantdale (Burr Ridge). The first teacher was Mary McNaughton who married Samuel Vial.

In 1866, the farm families constructed a new one room schoolhouse (near Willow Springs and Plainfield Roads). The school later moved to the present site of La Grange Highlands School–this relocation occurred sometime after 1867. The residents named the school “Plainview” due to the view its location provided of the surrounding land. In 1941 and 1948, the community expanded the building to accommodate the increase in students. On December 21, 1955, the Board of Education renamed Plainview School as La Grange Highlands.

Read An Informal History of District 106 and The Highland Schools from Historic Burr Ridge, Indian Head Park and Countryside to learn more about Plainview School.