3D printer

3D Printer

3D printing allows you to turn your ideas into real, 3D objects printed in a plastic filament.

Design your own 3D objects using TinkerCAD a free online software.  Need some inspiration or just looking to print out an object on our 3D printer then check out Thingiverse,  a thriving design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things.  This is an IPPL cardholder exclusive. The 3D printer was donated by the Indian Prairie Public Library Foundation & Friends.  

Get started

Get inspired with these print jobs

Create a personalized tag for your cat or dog.

Are you missing a game piece, customize or personalize your own or print a premade design. To find more designs search for the name of the game in Thingiverse.

More Designs

File & Printing Specifications 

  • Max Size: 11.2 L X 6.0 W X 6.1 H in inches
  • File Formats: STL or .thing
  • Time limit: 12 hours or less
  • Costs: 10 cents per gram with a minimum charge of $1 per request. Cost is added to your library card and due upon pick-up.
  • Submissions: One completed print request at a time (includes pick-up of the item). Multiple colors must be submitted separately.
  • Other: Multiples of the same object and same color are accepted. Please indicate on the form the number of objects to print.