I haven’t become so invested in characters in a long while. This subtle, evocative novel interweaves multiple stories and characters during the course of one August day in the small western Canadian town of Juliet.

I discovered many lovely moments in this wonderful piece of storytelling, including some of almost indescribable lyricism; I especially loved the story of twenty-something Lee Torgesen, who alone runs the family ranch after the passing of his adoptive parents, as well as Willard and Miriam’s tender relationship. I almost crawled inside their heads and breathed with the characters in Juliet, even the ones for whom I cared less. The everyday-ness resonates.

I listened to the audio version; the narrator’s understated rendering hit the right notes. She keeps character differentiation to a minimum, but adds the right level of emotion.

Listen to Juliet in August by Dianne Warren.