​Alexa has two best friends: Maddie and Theo. The problem? They hate each other. Worse? They're both going to be in Alexa's wedding party. Between the engagement, cake tastings, visits to the bridal shop, and helping with all the planning details, Maddie and Theo are going to be spending a lot of time together. When their animosity turns to a night of unplanned hate sex, the two can't stop thinking about each other and decide they can keep hooking up, so long as they follow two rules: this is a summer fling that will end with the wedding and, most importantly, Alexa must never know.

Picking up during the events at the end of The Wedding Date (book 1) and overlapping with The Proposal (book 2), this third installment of Jasmine Guillory's Wedding series is an enjoyable ride with chapters alternating between the strong-willed fashionista Maddie and Theo, the mayor's fussy, uptight PR manager. The couple's secret rendezvous make for steamy scenes and hilarious situations—exactly what you want from a good rom com.

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