Unusual Uses for Olive Oil  by Alexander McCall Smith is best enjoyed in audio to fully appreciate the outrageously funny names and inane chatter surrounding Prof Dr. Moritz-Maria Von Igelfeld and his colleagues at the Institute of Romance Philology in Regensburg. Igelfeld must endure the rambling of Librarian Herr Huber and the condescension of Amadeus Unterholzer as the staff has coffee in the Institute Library.

But all of this may change as Von Igelfeld’s friend Ophelia believes he should find a suitable wife. Ophelia believes she knows just the one – Frau Benz, a widow who lives alone (except for servants) in her Schloss on a beautiful Hill. As Frau Benz puts it, “Herr Benz has left me very comfortable.” Von Igelfeld is delighted when Frau Benz invites him to lunch and to view the recently completed, colorful mural on her dining room ceiling showing Herr Benz and other German notables, such as Wagner and Hindenburg, being welcomed into heaven.

Unfortunately Prof. Igelfeld expresses his distaste for Mercedes-Benz Autos and the budding romance come to a sudden halt! Many other humorous adventures follow among Igelfeld and his colleagues for your entertainment.