Social stories are social learning tools, designed to help readers prepare for a certain task or activity. By including pictures and brief statements, social stories can minimize anxiety/uncertainty and help set expectations. This social story introduces friends to Indian Prairie Public Library. You can also read this story as a [downloadable PDF].

Me and My Library

Me and My Library

A large brown building, surrounded by trees and blue sky. A sign out front reads Indian Prairie Public Library

This is my library, the Indian Prairie Public Library.

A young child carried by their grown-up. They are standing in the reception area of the library, just inside the double doors

I visit the library with my parent, caregiver, or friends. I see other people at the library, so I try not to run or yell so we can all use the library together.

picture 1: Stairs leading up to a second floor. A quote from Dr. Seuss is painted on the wall. picture 2: An open elevator door.

I go up the stairs or elevator to the Kids & Teens department.

A large open space with table, chairs, computers, and a large desk. On the left, Kids & Teens is painted on the wall.

This is the Kids & Teens department.

A grown-up is holding the hands of two children while walking in the Kids and Teens area.

I make sure to stay with my adult in the library.

Two librarians sit and wave hello at a desk. Over the desk, a hanging sign reads Ask Us.

When I get to the Kids & Teens desk, I say hi to the librarians. I can also ask them for help.

Picture 1: A restroom door in the hallway. Picture 2: Inside the restroom features a toilet and sink, with accessible toilet paper and handrails.

If I need to go to the bathroom, there is one at the library for me to use.

Picture books shelved in bins, so that you can see the covers of books.

At the library, I can look for books, movies, magazines, music, and more.

A grown-up reads to a young child sitting on the floor of the library.

At the library, I can read.

A play area featuring a play kitchen, store, train table, and construction table, as well as comfortable seating for adults (soft benches).

At the library, I can play in LittleTown. I will share with other library friends here.

An arts and crafts area featuring two long tables and stools. There is also a magnet board and light table, as well as shelves with supplies.

At the library, I can make a craft in the LittleShop. I will share with other library friends here.

Two young children play at a LEGO building wall.

At the library, I can play with the LEGO wall.

A computer and iPad are set up at a computer desk.

At the library, I can use a computer or an iPad.

Our programming room is set-up for sensory storytime with two purple rugs, a chair, a visual schedule, and books and toys behind the chair on a cabinet.

At the library, I can go to storytime.

A small room with six chairs around a study table.

At the library, I can use a conference room if I need a quieter space.

Different library materials are pictured: Book Bundle, audio book on CD, book in another language, picture book, chapter book, board book, DVD, and an audio book on Playaway.

At the library, I can check out materials.

An express checkout station with computer screen, tabletop, and receipt printer.

When I’m ready to check out my materials, I take them to the express check-out.

An Indian Prairie Public Library kids card, featuring two illustrated children on the front of the card.

I get out my library card and scan it. Now I’m ready to check out my materials.

A pile of five books, with a receipt from the express checkout on top.

I will be able to take my materials home and read or watch them for a couple of weeks.

A family of four leaving the Kids and Teens department, heading towards the stairs.

When it’s time to leave, I say goodbye to the library, but I know I can come back on another day!

Two picture books are being placed through a slot in the wall. Above the slot, a sign reads “Returns”.

When I bring my books back from home, I place them in the book return on the first floor. Now other library friends can use them!

A large brown building, surrounding by trees and blue sky. A sign out front reads Indian Prairie Public Library.

I love visiting the library!

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