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Devices & Gadgets

A wide range of technology including laptops, tablets, and Wi-Fi hotspots.


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Find kits and resources for all ages.

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Find games and activities for everyone.

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Devices & Gadgets

Our complete list of devices.



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  • Baby Bundles - Include board books, educational toys, and activities based on Every Child Ready to Read’s five practices (read, write, talk, sing, and play) for children ages 0-3. Sponsored by the Sadowski Family.
  • Book Bundles - Include books, puzzles, educational toys, and activities for children ages 2–6. Sponsored by Target.
  • Musical Instruments
  • Maker Kits - Create a variety of projects using one of our craft and hobby kits
  • Nature Packs - Our Nature Packs are kits that include tools and resources for exploring STEM topics like birding, geology, bugs, plants, and animals.
  • STEM Kits -A variety of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math kits for kids to explore hands-on learning
  • Telescopes - Donated by IPPL Foundation & Friends.
  • Launch Pads & LeapFrog Kits - Preloaded tablets with educational apps and games
  • Parenting Pack - Help your child to help through early life milestones including potty training and starting school. Sponsored by Target
  • Puzzles for ages 2-4





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All Things A-ZA picture of our new nature packs. Two books and a book bag.

  • Amazon Echo - Try a smart home personal assistant and control your lights and other devices with the included smart plug and LED smart bulb as part of our Smart Home Kit
  • Antenna (indoor)- Cut the cable cord and see how many free over the air stations you'll receive using an antenna.
  • Apple TV - Stream content or mirror your Chromebook or Android device to a television.
  • Auto Diagnostic Tool - Read and clear check engine lights and more
  • Bike - Portable Sitting Exercise Bike
  • Board Games
  • Camera - Take professional headshots, vacation photos/videos and more using this Canon Rebel DSLR
  • Cassette to MP3 Converter  - Transfer audiocassette tapes to MP3 files
  • CD Boom Box & CD Players - Great for listening to audiobooks and music on compact discs


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  • Chromebook  - Perform a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome browser on this laptop
  • Chromecast - Mirror your Chromebook or Android device to a television or presentation screen
  • Digital Conversion Equipment - Turn your old analog media into digital
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player & Portable DVD Player
  • Drawing Light Box - Great for tracing, drawing, precise animation, and stenciling
  • Drawing Tablet - Sketch, draw, and paint on a computer using this drawing tablet
  • Energy Lamp - Improve your mood, increase energy, regulate sleep, or combat symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Guitar - Electronic Jamstick - Learn chords using this portable 6-string mini-guitar
  • GoPro Hero 8 Waterproof Camera - Great for vacations and live-action videos 
  • Google Assistant - Try a smart home personal assistant and control your lights and other devices with the included smart plug and LED smart bulb as part of our Smart Home Kit
  • iPad - Take photos, read ebooks, listen to music, and download apps
  • iPods - Listen to audiobooks on this preloaded iPod. Includes Amazon's Audible only titles

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