Spotlight: Ann Sheridan

Spotlight: Ann SheridanAnn Sheridan was making movies in the days when Hollywood marketed movie stars by giving starlets names like “the Oomph Girl.” Ann Sheridan was a glamour girl, but she specialized in playing the hard-boiled type. Although she never really made the top rank of great stars, she always made the movie better because of her warmth and intelligence.

The 1940s was Sheridan’s most fertile movie-making decade when she made Angels with Dirty Faces (with Humphrey Bogart), Torrid Zone (with James Cagney and Pat O'Brien), Castle on the Hudson (with John Garfield), City for Conquest (with James Cagney), The Man Who Came to Dinner (with Monty Woolley and Bette Davis), and I was a Male War Bride (with Cary Grant). All of these and more are available at Indian Prairie.

Her work in King's Row (1942) demonstrated her acting ability and opened the door to a wider variety of parts. The film, which also features Ronald Reagan, is the story of a group young people growing up in a small American town in 1890. The social pressure, challenges and tragedies of their lives make for an emotional, albeit melodramatic movie.
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