The Sheepman

The Sheepman (1958)
This 1958 comedy western stars Glenn Ford and Shirley MacLaine.  There are a lot of funny moments in this film.  In one scene, Ford tells Edgar Buchanan that he is looking for a man who is completely without honor, a man who is willing to sell out anybody and everybody for as little as fifty cents.  Buchanan tries to look offended but when Ford starts to walk away, Buchanan says, "My price for that sort of thing starts at least a dollar."

The story is pretty familiar to western fans but the first 15 minutes are full of surprises.  (Do not read the back of the DVD case or you will spoil the surprise.) The chemistry between Ford and MacLaine is delightful. The photography in this film is beautiful and the musical score is both tender and heartwarming. If you like westerns with a bit of romance and a lot of laughs, this movie is for you.
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