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The Tailor of Panama

The Tailor of Panama (2001) R
Harry Pendel (Geoffrey Rush) is the tailor to the elite in Panama. He hides his low class and ex-con beginnings with a well-rehearsed story about having learned his craft on Saville Row. Sleazy British diplomat/spy Andy Osnard (Pierce Brosnan) has been sent to the Panamanian back water because he slept with the wrong woman on his last assignment. Now he needs to find some big intelligence coup to get himself back to the high life he’s used to in Europe. Harry, who is married to an American (Jamie Lee Curtis) who works for the Panama Canal Company, is being pushed for information by Osnard—who really doesn’t care how accurate the information is—as long as it sounds convincing. Feeling more and more threatened, Harry tells Osnard a really great story—it just isn’t true.

This is an intricate character study of the desperate Harry and Osnard, a man without scruples, both trying to keep or get back the life they have created for themselves.
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