The Tick

The Tick is the creation of Bill Edlund, who first created a comic strip, then went on to make it into an animated cartoon, and next a one-season, live-action, comedy TV show. This review is about that live-action show. The Tick is a ridiculously strong superhero who is also quite clueless about everything and played perfectly by Patrick Warburton. He relies heavily on his sidekick, Arthur, who is the brains of the operation. Along with other interesting characters like Captain Liberty and Batmanuel, they fight an eclectic assortment of supervillains. My favorite episode was never aired and stars Armin Shimerman as The Terror. If you like quirky characters, this show is just right for you.

Starring Patrick Warburton, David Burke, Nestor Carbonell, and Liz Vassey.

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