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Two people talking to each otherEnglish as a Second Language

ESL Library Resources 

  • We have books, CDs, and DVDs to help people learn to read, speak, and understand English, as well as resources for ESL tutors. Topics include ESL, grammar, reading comprehension, pronunciation, business English, vocabulary, and culture.
  • Learn a new language with Transparent Language. You need an Indian Prairie Public Library card to use Transparent Language, a self-paced, online language-learning system with courses in over 100 languages, including English.
  • Additional citizenship preparation help can be found here.




ESL Classes & Groups

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Free classes to improve a student's English skills in the areas of conversation, listening/speaking, reading, and writing for the purpose of community participation, employment, or further educational opportunities. 

ESL Tutors

Learn English one-on-one with a tutor.

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